Oil & Gas Litigation



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Joint operating agreements

Leases and assignments

Farm-out agreements

Exploration agreements

Preferential rights to purchase

Participation in areas of mutual interest

Asset purchases and sales

Oilfield service agreements

Oilfield equipment and pipeline failures

Accounting procedures

Prudent drilling and workover operations

Hydraulic fracturing

Pipeline condemnations and easements

Pipeline construction

Natural gas storage facilities

Royalties and revenue interests

Employment and non-compete issues

Trade secrets theft and protection

Fiduciary duty claims

Secured and unsecured liens

Environmental and nuisance claims

Shale and non-conventional development Bankruptcy and workouts



The Oil and Gas Litigation practice of Neufeld Legal P.C. provides experienced business dispute counsel to corporate clients engaged in the petroleum industry, whether as plaintiffs or defendants. As such, we are dealing with exploration and production companies; drillers; pipelines; producers; plant operators and processors; oilfield service companies; landowners; financial interests, both debt and equity; and a range of other corporate interests engaged in the oil patch.

The following represent some of the more prevalent oil & gas disputes that our law firm tackles:

Contract Disputes

Business Torts

Joint Venture Disputes

Plant Operator Claims and Liabilities

Construction and Project Disputes

Joint Operating Agreement Disputes

Labor and Employment

Catastrophic Event Litigation

Contamination and Environmental Damage Litigation

Regulatory and Governmental Issues

Property Owner Land Title Disputes

Property Owner Royalty Matters

Foreign and Cross-National Oil & Gas Disputes

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